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Wolf and Mayor Nutter will be among the guests speaking to fellow Democrats in Philadelphia this week as House Democrats hold a policy retreat in the city.

Member of the House Democratic caucus will be making their way to the Sheraton in Society Hill Wednesday afternoon as they meet to develop a policy and political strategy for the next two years amid diminished numbers in Congress.

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The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas and first served around 1885.

Dr Pepper was first nationally marketed in the United States in 1904, and is now also sold in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and South America, as well as New Zealand and South Africa as an imported good.

Its introduction in 1885 preceded the introduction of Coca-Cola by one year.

It was formulated by Brooklyn-born pharmacist Charles Alderton in Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas.

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They will be greeted by speeches from Nutter and Wolf – whose win was one of Democrats' few bright spots on Election Day.

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