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Personal ads

In January, the organization selected The Richards Group as its agency of record following a review launched late last year.In November 2015, American Cancer Society hired longtime Coca-Cola veteran Sharon Byers as its chief development and marketing officer and subsequently went on an advertising hiatus following the“Advantage Human” campaign former agency of record DDB Chicago.People are crammed into apartment buildings, restaurants, cafes and subway cars, and yet anyone who has lived there for a significant amount of time can tell you how isolating it can sometimes feel.Whether the sheer volume of humanity becomes in itself overwhelming, or the frenetic pace of the city grows exhausting, finding meaningful connections in the city that never sleeps can be a massive challenge for some. If you’re not familiar with this brand of personal ads, they span a wide gamut, and reveal brief glimpses into the lives and personalities of their authors. More to the point: I wanted to attract a man who appreciated subtlety.4. Props that make you feel soulful, frisky and fascinating help you make those claims for yourself in your ad.2. Post a terrific photo of yourself if you're using an Internet dating service. " My husband says he was attracted to the soft sell of the description and the quirky confidence of the assertion. Instead of saying you're funny or well-educated or caring, demonstrate that. Female Rapper Looking To Expand With Musicians & Photographers, etc – w4w First & foremost, I don’t need “help” with my music career and all the music I publish and every move I make to supply hits to the world will be ALL on ME. Looking for people who writes music, plays an instrument(s), raps/sings, photographers, video blogs, produce beats, has a studio, etc.Looking to collab and drop hella hits all next year, so I’m looking for dope people!

Have my own private room with TV lol and big window facing an apt. Don’t know how long I will be confined here maybe 2 weeks to a month. ​This is strictly for friendship not looking for FWB. My ad requested a man "financially stable, kinda handsome, who can slow dance, make me laugh, read between the lines." Cast a wide net and edit out the responses. A woman I know snagged a boyfriend when she described her ideal job as a combination of circus performer and archaeologist.5. Don't "like fine dining" when you can be passionate about Memphis barbecue, don't "enjoy movies" when you can declare your enthusiasm for Mel Brooks.6. List your age and occupation, whether or not you have children, whether you're looking for a date or a life partner.7. "Mid-30s" or "early 40s" is fine, but assume he'll round up.8. Unless you know for sure that you only want to meet, say, a nonsmoking Portuguese-speaking dentist, go easy on the list of qualities he must have.  Should you mention your snoring, your dexterity with the flute, your knobby knees? Twelve years ago, I took a chance and wrote a personal ad. My finished product reflected my attitude at the time—a combination of "You have to play to win" and "Hey, why not?

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The pictures are clearly defined more by the personalities of the subjects than the aesthetic or ambition of the photographer, an attribute of the project that certainly contributes to its ultimate success.