Oral sex chatroom

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Oral sex chatroom

This analysis compares the baseline demographic characteristics and HIV-related risk profiles of two groups of MSM who use chat rooms for social and sexual networking.

Development and revision of the assessment was iterative with partners negotiating and agreeing on a version that was sufficient to collect necessary data yet concise to ensure completion by the target community.This partnership serves as a catalyst for identifying priorities and approaches to meet locally identified HIV/AIDS prevention and care needs.Guided by partnership principles, including agreement on mission and sharing resources and decision-making responsibilities, the partnership has prioritized CBPR to promote a co-learning and empowering process that moves beyond communities ‘informing’ or offering ‘consultation’.This speed differentiates chat-room dialogue from asynchronous computer-mediated communication methods such as electronic mail and newsgroups [3].There are public chat rooms in which written dialogue is seen by all chatters who are logged on in the room.

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