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Long before the bombs ripped through Boylston Street, all six members of the Tsarnaev family had encounters with local police, some of them repeatedly.One decade after they arrived bristling with expectation, the Tsarnaev family had imploded, each member marked by some personal failure within a culture they never fully understood or adapted to.More likely, they were on the run from elements of the Russian underworld whom Anzor had fallen afoul of. In any case, the family from which two alleged bombers emerged very likely should not have been here at all.But once they arrived the promise of a fresh start quickly soured; the chaotic ways that had long marked this clan only intensified.At times some neighbors had to put their hands over their ears to block it all out.“Zubeidat had the loud voice,” sighed Harvey Smith, who lived in the basement apartment.

Both parents sought psychiatric care shortly after arriving in the United States but apparently sought no help for Tamerlan even as his mental condition grew more obvious and worrisome.

The Globe corroborated with several people who knew him just how plagued Tamerlan felt by the inner voices.

Some family acquaintances feared for his mental health, among them a doctor concerned it could be schizophrenia.

“He was torn between those two people,” said Donald Larking, 67, who attended the mosque with Tamerlan for nearly two years. And he did not like it.” Federal investigators have suspected that Tamerlan, the 26-year-old boxer from southern Russia who is believed, along with his brother, to have set off the deadly Boston Marathon bombs in April, was motivated, if not deliberately directed, by real life jihadist revolutionaries on the other side of the globe.

But an investigation by the Boston Globe suggests that Tamerlan was in the perilous grip of someone far more menacing: himself.

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Only two of the Tsarnaev children would graduate from high school, and none of the four ever found their footing outside the troubled family circle.

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