Error updating ipaq tomtom maps dating a hasselblad lens

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This means that our location, if all information is accurate, is one of these two black dots.

Again, the new circle intersects with the previous two and guess what … Earth however not a flat pancake, in contrast to popular believe in the dark ages.

More and more devices, like your smartphone, tablet PC’s etc, are GPS capable.

With the cold war in mind, GPS used to be covered in secrecy of course, but today these systems are (more) open to the public.24 of them in active use and 3 as a backup in case one of the 24 fails.The illustration below (source) is an abstract illustration of the Navstar satellites orbiting earth.Back in the day when I bought my first GPS device, a Garmin e Trex rigged to my old Compaq i Paq running a Tom Tom application, GPS devices were not exactly common.Cars didn’t have them build in yet and a simple receiver like the Garmin e Trex was considered hi-tech and wasn’t really able to do any sensible route planning like we see now a days.

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The initial GPS devices had receiver chips that only supported Navstar, but more and more devices support more than one system.

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