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I did this to facilitate finding the crater from the air.It is sobering to realize the amount of energy that was dissipated here in this small area within milliseconds to displace this amount of terrain.

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At the same time the exercise illustrated how hit/miss/difficult this task is.

Yes we did find enough small meteorites for us all to take one home, but it took hours and we did find a few nails and wire chunks as well! From the analysis of the widmanstatten patterns (Goldstein 1964) within the Whitecourt meteorites, it was determined that the core of this asteroid cooled at a rate of 50°C per million years.

It is estimated that the explosion was the equivalent of 5 to 45 tons of TNT!

I had thought that the area would be “hunted out” by now, but I was pleasantly surprised that our group did find a few meteorites that afternoon, enough for each of us to take a souvenir home.

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(Kofman et al – Meteoritics & Planetary Science 2010)An image of the contact between the ejecta and the top of the paleosol, organics (charcoal), and underlying Ah horizon, used to delineate the ejecta blanket as revealed in the sample chamber of the auger.