Alliance internationaldating

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Alliance internationaldating

Russian tourists poured into Turkey, while Turkish business people went to Russia in great numbers.

Just ahead of the NATO Summit in June, Erdoğan even criticized the alliance for not being active enough in the Black Sea region.

Up to the end of 2019, the TERRANOVA team will be working on embedding terahertz wireless solutions into fast fiber optic networks, developing new frequency bands and thereby laying the foundation for a resilient communications infrastructure that is equipped to cope with the demands of the future.

Read more Trying to fit all the necessary cables into a car is anything but an easy task.

Fraunhofer is developing the next generation of batteries.

The spectrum includes the whole range of energy storage: from the smallest applications such as button cells, to large stationary systems such as redox-flow batteries.

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Fraunhofer celebrates 25 years of applied research in the new federal states of Germany.